Hand Made Christmas Cards

Monday, November 5, 2012
For the last three weeks I've been packing our things into boxes. We are moving in the near future and I think I may have packed close to a hundred boxes. I'm almost done, but the movers are going to finish what I don't get to...things like my Tiffany lamps and dishes, etc.

Over the weekend, after packing some things in my craft room, I decided to take a break and do something I really wanted to do. I made some of my Christmas cards. I ordered them from HSN in a kit of 50 cards.

 There are five different themes to make and this is my first set of ten.

 All of the pieces were already cut out and you just use your imagination to put them together or there is a sheet that has a few of the designed cards pictured for you.

My Favorite!

 I found it so much more enjoyable than packing boxes!! Much more relaxing. I've been stressing out a lot these last weeks.

 I'm not quite sure of the date we'll be able to move which kind of leaves things up in the air for the upcoming holidays. I know I'll be ordering Bob Evans Farmhouse Thanksgiving dinner this year which will be a first for me!! It's all made up and ready to take home and heat....then eat!! There won't be many here since we only have a pathway to walk through the downstairs and upstairs. The dinner serves 8 and I think we may have the 6 of us together for Thanksgiving.

I've been a little depressed about it but hey when I think of all the other bad things that are going on in the world today I snap out of it. Things could be worse.

The holidays are just a BAD time to be moving!

 You know, as I started to do this post, I used internet explorer...which I hate...I have problems with it all the time! I tried to upload these pictures and they kept failing to upload. Ugh! So I also have Google Chrome and thought I'd upload from there and finish out the post from Chrome, and guess what, no problems at all. It's always a good thing to have two browsers because I've also had some problems with my mixpod not playing in Chrome and had to move it to the bottom of my blog and now it plays as it should in both browsers. Go figure!!

Jonquil from http://www.awhimsicalchristmas.com/ gave me that tip about moving it or it still wouldn't be working. LOL!

So, these are my first 10 cards. I have two more sets made and I'll post those ones soon. I hope all of you have a wonderful week!

Merry Christmas, Baby

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Rocker Rod Stewart is ringing in the holidays with his first Christmas album ever. The album contains 13 traditional Christmas songs with guests Mary J. Blige, Cee-Lo Green, Michael BublĂ© and a 'virtual duet' with Ella Fitzgerald. It hits the stores on Nov. 9th.


You can also find the track listing at the above link.

You can listen to Rod Stewart's Silent Night HERE.

You can watch a live Rod Stewart Holiday Concert on http://www.hsn.com/program-guide HSN Friday, Oct. 26th at 8:00 p.m. They will promote his new holiday album with an additional bonus CD.

I've always been a fan of Rod Stewart and I can't wait to listen to his Christmas album!! If you're a fan I hope you enjoy!!

QVC Christmas

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Here's a link to the program guide for QVC'S all day Christmas event Tuesday Oct. 23rd. I see Valerie Parr Hill is on a few times that day and a few more in November. I LOVE her Christmas treasures! Even if I don't order, she gives great tips on making your home look beautiful and inviting for the holidays. Mark your calendar and enjoy!!

QVC Christmas Event Program Guide

I ordered two of these glitter candles in the clear color the last time her show was on and I absolutely love them! Not battery operated...an extra plus for me as it seems that QVC is doing more battery operated items these days than electric as they used to do. Don't get me wrong, battery operated items are wonderful, but if that's all you buy, be prepared to spend lots of money buying batteries. I was glad to see something that was electric!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Christmas Shopping - The Madness Begins - How To Stay Sane

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Hello everyone! Today's guest post is by James Mechan who works with a Christmas tree specialist. They provide a huge range of Christmas trees and pride themselves on their customer service and delivery options.  

It’s getting darker, and a little chillier. Is this making you think about Christmas? Is this evoking thoughts of minced pies and mulled wine? Family and loved ones gathering around the fire? Carols playing in the background… Or does the change of season fill you with sudden blind panic – the what, when, where, who and how of Christmas shopping. Not to mention the long checkout queues, crowded shops, waiting ages for parking spaces, annoying elf‑adorned employees, and the same carols in every shop!

While Christmas is undoubtedly magical, the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping makes it one of the most stressful times of the year. Whether you’re more about finding the best deals, or hunting down that exclusive gift, Christmas shopping usually demands patience, planning, and energy. The perfect recipe for stress should any one of these ingredients fail. 

The solution to your problems is technology! From your laptop to your smartphone apps, http://www.christmastreesandlights.co.uk/ have come up with some novel ideas on how to stay sane when the Christmas shopping madness begins.  

The first stage of planning in any Christmas shopping campaign is to make your gift list. This is so important because it gives you focus and direction on your shopping trip. Not just that, a list will help you stick to your budget. You could opt for a traditional pen and paper list, but then there’s always the risk of losing it or spilling your shopping break coffee all over it! Try going digital on your smartphone instead. It’s more efficient and you can check your list off as you go… easy peasy. There are lots of list apps out there at the moment, and many specific ones for Christmas.

The second thing to do before you hit the shops is to search on your laptop for the best deals. There are loads of comparison sites that will help you compare prices for the same product across a range of retailers. Your laptop lets you shop around without having to go anywhere!

So now it’s time to get out there and get shopping. No matter how smart your plans are, something will no doubt go wrong! What if the shop has just sold out of that exclusive gift? Use your smartphone to look for an alternative gift on the go.


So now you’ve found your gifts, all you have left to do is pay. Don’t waste your queuing time! Get on your smartphone and start looking for voucher apps for money off the gift you’re buying. Most big stores have their own apps too, so make sure you check them out for special offers or discounts.

Don’t do your Christmas shopping the traditional way this year. By using technology to your advantage, you can ease the stress of Christmas shopping. We’re sure you’ll get it done in half the time too! That means you can sit back, put your feet up, grab yourself a mince pie, and enjoy some  Christmas carols (without having heard them 20 times over!)

Thanks so much James for your spin on holiday shopping. My husband enjoys shopping at the stores and standing in lines on the biggest shopping holiday of the year, Black Friday. Me, I like shopping from my computer as I have done in the past. You are right in that you can compare prices from a long range of retailers all from the comfort of your home. I love finding the best deals and FREE shipping!! Thanks again.

Candy Themed Wreaths

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
These candy wreaths look good enough to eat! I'm sure they're alot of fun to make too. You can always have a few pieces of candy while making them, I would!

This one is made from red and green wrapped Tootsie Rolls. Clever! http://www.abountifulharvest.com

If you're crafty, you can make these yourself. You would need a wire form, or a wire hanger formed into a circle or even a foam wreath with ribbon wrapped around the form to cover it. Also 2 to 3 lbs. of hard candies in twisted wrappers.


You would also need an assortment of ribbons maybe even some curling ribbon, a glue gun to adhere the candies, or if the candies are individually wrapped, some string or embroidery thread to tie each piece of candy to the wire form. Yeh, it would take a while to do!


This one above is gorgeous. It's made of rock candy.


A cute way to use the miniature candy canes. Also a nice idea would be to make small candy wreaths that can be tied on with ribbon to your wrapped Christmas gift for those special people in your lives.


Mmmmmm....chocolate-mint candies shaped like branches, but don't eat this one, they're hot-glued together. Have some before you get started!

A tutorial and video on how to make a Candy Wreath can be found here.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

QVC'S Joy Of Christmas Program

Friday, September 21, 2012
Here's a reminder for all of you who enjoy watching QVC'S Christmas show. It starts Saturday, 22cd. at 11:00 p.m. with The Joy of Christmas. At midnight, the 23rd, it's Bethlem Lights Seasonal Lighting. Can't wait to see what their TSV is going to be!

Here's the link to the program guide starting at midnight:


Enjoy watching!

Thomas Kinkade Ornaments from the Bradford Exchange

Friday, August 24, 2012
It's nice to find new Christmas ornaments each year and I happen to have an interest in Thomas Kinkade's beautiful artwork. I wrote a POST last year about the book I own, Masterworks of Light, and shared his nostalgic  works of Christmases past with images found on the internet.

The Bradford Exchange celebrates the holiday's with Kinkade's beautiful heirloom ornament collections.

I've picked out a few of my favorite's. This one is called Gifts for the Holidays. Aren't they lovely!!

 Hand crafted Annual Faceted Crystal Ornament 2012.

"Snow-Bell Holidays" These are adorable! I love snowmen and the charming artwork on the jingle bells!

Victorian Christmas Ornament This features a first-ever moving train and village. Sweet!! This would look nice on a ornament stand to show off it's charm.

Winter Reflections Snowman Can you tell I'm a little partial to snowmen!! This scene from his artwork is called Sunday Evening Sleigh Ride.

These were just a few of my favorites, but they have many Christmas Collectibles.

Thomas Kinkade painter of light, January 19, 1958 - April 6, 2012. Before his death he was claimed to be  America's most-collected living artist with an estimated 1 in every 20 American homes owning a copy of one of his paintings. Isn't that amazing!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...I know I will!

10 People to Add to Your Christmas Card List

10 People to Add to Your Christmas Card List

Guest post by Erin Levine

If you've regularly sent Christmas cards for years, you've probably added many names to your address book. For most families, this address book includes distant relatives, former neighbors, and close friends. However, there may be a few important people in your life and your community that you haven't yet added to your list.

1.      Members of the Military
Members of the military who are serving overseas face a lonely Christmas. Although many soldiers receive Christmas cards from their families, others do not. You can brighten a soldier's day by sending them a card that you and your family created. Several organizations and programs, such as Holiday Mail for Heroes, exist just to offer this service for troops who are miles away from home during the holiday season.

2.      Postal Workers
Postal workers give you a valuable service almost every day of the year. Without them, you wouldn't get any Christmas cards at all. You can easily leave your postal worker a Christmas card by placing it with your outgoing mail on your porch or in your mailbox. Just make sure to label the card clearly.

3.      Your Children's Teachers
You can help your children show appreciation for their school teachers by making a handmade card together. Teachers long remember tokens that they receive from their students. Educators appreciate knowing that they've had an impact on their students, and it will teach your children the important quality of gratefulness which will benefit them as they grow older.

4.      The School Principal
Your child's school principal is another educator who deserves special recognition during the holiday season. Although you may not have much regular contact with your child's principal, giving a Christmas card is a friendly gesture that the principal will enjoy.

5.      Your College Professors/High School Teachers
If you can track down any of your own former teachers, consider adding them to your list. You just might make an old teacher's day when he or she finds your Christmas greeting. Be sure to include some updates on the many changes you've experienced since leaving school.

6.      Former Employers
If you're still on friendly terms with your former employers, send them Christmas cards to wish them well. A Christmas greeting is a nice way to update old colleagues about the new changes in your life.

7.      Garbage Workers
Garbage workers provide a necessary function in your community. You can show gratitude for their hard work by giving them a holiday card. To deliver this card, wait until your next garbage day to personally present the card.

8.      Elected Representatives
Many elected representatives want more correspondence from the public, including Christmas cards. You can even use this opportunity to add a polite note mentioning policy issues that are important to you and your family.

9.      Friendly Store & Restaurant Employees
If you have a favorite employee at a grocery store, hair salon, coffee shop or restaurant, consider giving them a Christmas card. These people have likely become your friends and know you well. If you really want to bring them a smile, include a small monetary bonus.

10.  Your Family Doctor
Your family's doctor plays an integral role in your family's health. He or she has likely been there for you when you've faced emergencies. Show your appreciation for your doctor by sending a card created by your children.

When coming up with your list of Christmas card recipients this year, be sure to include these 10 people. After all, they often go underappreciated during the holiday season and a small card can make a big difference to in expressing your thanks for what they do every day of the year.

Erin Levine is a blogger for PaperStyle, an online card and invitation retailer specializing in holiday and wedding products. When she’s not blogging, Erin can usually be found browsing Pinterest or scrapbooking, and she is eagerly awaiting the Christmas season.

I would like to thank Erin for her great guest post! Have a wonderful blessed day!

QVC Christmas Shopping Show

Monday, August 20, 2012
Hello friends! Starting at 11:00 p.m. this Thursday night the 23rd., QVC will be kicking off another Christmas shopping event which I think they do monthly around the 25th, until it gets closer to Christmas and then they'll have lots more Christmas programming  to view on a more regular basis.

Kicking off the event will be Heartfelt Holidays with Valerie....love her!! Here you can view the program guide for Friday's (24th) Christmas shows. Have fun shopping early for holiday gifts, and trimmings, and don't forget to check out those reviews on products you may want to purchase before making a decision. Can't wait to see what the TSV will be!  Here's a preview:

Set/6 Candles & Gift Boxes with Tags by Valerie.

Set/3 Plug-In Bubble Lights.

3-Piece JOY Nativity by Valerie.

Home Reflections Ceramic Character Luminary with 4 or 8 hr. timer. There's the Santa, Snowman or Tree.

Set/2 UL-Listed Holiday Bubble Candles by Valerie.

Enjoy the show!!

A Christmas Story 2

A Christmas Story is one of my favorite holiday movies. Some dislike it and some, like me, love it!! I've found out that A Christmas Story 2 is going to be available on DVD/Blue-ray starting Oct. 30th. Once again the story revolves around Ralphie, who is now a teen and all he wants for Christmas is a 1938 Hupmobile Skyline Convertible.  Ralphie is being played by Braeden Lemasters who starred in Six Feet Under and Men of a Certain Age. Daniel Stern, the burglar in Home Alone, is playing the father. I don't know if I'll buy this or not. I can't imagine this to be as good as the original movie and I love Darren McGavin as the father in the first movie. Sequels usually are never as good as the originals. I think I'll wait around to see if there is a trailer available to watch before making a decision on whether to buy this.

QVC'S Christmas In July, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Hello friends! Well the big weekend I wait for each year is finally here. This Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22cd, QVC is having their Christmas in July show! Wooohooo! I'll definitely be watching. I love to see what's new in Christmas decorating and I just plain love to watch some of my favorite hosts and guests!

If you click HERE, it will take you to Saturday's program guide and Sunday's guide you can find HERE.

 Each night at midnight, they will have a TSV...Today's Special Value...and I hope it's something sweet!! Can't wait! Some of my favorite shows are Jim Shore Heartwood Creek. I try and get one new piece of his each year for Christmas.

 Another favorite is Heartfelt Holidays with Valerie. Love her! She has beautiful Christmas decorations, candles and other pieces to offer.

 Flameless Candles... oh my...another favorite for sure! You can set these candles anywhere and never have to worry about burning down the house!

 Gourmet Holiday, mmmmm, all kinds of goodies here!

 Santa's Toy Shop, for all of you who have children and grandchildren, and c'mon, even us adults are kids at heart at Christmas time! So if you're a big fan of QVC, watch and see how to deck your halls for the holidays!

When you get to the program guide, you can also click on each show and it will tell you a little about what each show has to offer, upcoming shows and times, and you can even have reminders emailed to your inbox for what show and time you choose to watch so you won't miss a thing! Perfect!!

You can find the Preview Page HERE and be sure to check the reviews on each product. This always helps me weigh in on my decision to purchase a product!

Have a holly jolly weekend with QVC!  Enjoy!

Christmas In July with Hallmark

Monday, July 9, 2012
Hello Christmas friends.  Here we are halfway through the year already! Hard to believe time passes so quickly....even more so when you're older...hehe :).

  Debbie from http://adebbie-dabblechristmas.blogspot.com/  has asked me and other Christmas bloggers to join in and celebrate with her Christmas in July.  This weekend, Sat. July 14th and Sun. July 15th, the Hallmark Channel will be having their Christmas classics weekend. Of course I know I'll be watching, but if you would like to watch too, just click this LINK and it will take you to the Christmas Classics programming schedule for the weekend. How fun for those of us who just can't get enough of Christmas!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Image from Ace Showbiz

I love Doris Roberts! Mrs. Miracle brings hope for the holidays for a family-owned department store in New York City.

Image from MRQE

A soldier falls in love with a woman who sent him an anonymous Christmas card.

Image from Laura's Miscellaneous Musings

THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR This is about a single mom who's a bit of a scrooge until her uncle, who's played by Henry Winkler, comes to visit her for Christmas and brings along a friend he met on the flight who couldn't continue on to his destination to Denver as it was completely snowed in. I didn't care for her character much in the beginning, but she finally comes around and learns that Christmas is much more than business.

Also on the 14th and 15th, Hallmark will be having their Keepsake Ornament Premier Weekend Event. Limited quantity ornaments, new series and weekend only offers, will be featured and I know a lot of you collect Hallmark ornaments.

So have a Merry Christmas in July and I will probably post one more time in July about the Christmas in July at QVC  when I find out more info about it.

Decorative Nutcrackers

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Do any of you collect wooden nutcrackers? I have always loved them, but I only have one large one that my mother bought for me years ago when Macy's used to be Kaufman's. I love it and he is dressed in blue. I also have four different smaller ones that can be hung on a tree or put on a shelf, but I like to display them on my shelf along with my tall nutcracker.

Image Source

In 1830 the term "Nussknacker" appeared in the dictionary of the Brothers Grimm. The definition was that of a misshaped little man, in whose mouth the nut, by means of a leaver or screw, is cracked open.

Nutcrackers have existed since at least the 15th century. The most famous nutcracker carvings come from Sonneberg in Germany and the Ore Mountains. Wood carving usually provided the only income for people living there. Today the travel industry helps supplement their income by bringing visitors to the remote areas.


The USPS, United States Postal Service, in October 23, 2008, issued four holiday stamps with nutcrackers  for the first time. These featured custom-made nutcrackers made by Richmond, Virginia artist Glenn Crider.

 Image Source

I remember these! So cute! I love all of the Christmas stamps that have been issued through the years.

 Image Source

Wishing all of you a Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Recall on Decorative Tea Light Holders

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Christmas Tree Shop Recalls Tea Light Holders

I have an angel tea light holder and one year it actually caught on fire! I heard a crack and immediately went to see where it was coming from and then I saw the flames coming out of the angel holder. I was able to get it under control after a few tries, but I never would have thought that could happen. I no longer use it as a tea light holder, but I do put her out every year just because I love angels. The inside of her  blackened, but I was able to clean it up.

 This is another reason why I like battery operated tea lights and candles. My favorites are Candle Impressions which you can find at QVC : Candle Impressions I have used ones with "C" and "D" batteries and they last a long time before having to change batteries. Timer ones are great!!

Longwood Garden Christmas

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
During the holiday season, Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA., puts on a large Christmas light display. It has more than 1,077 acres of gardens, meadows and woodlands for people to visit all year long.


With half a million twinkling lights to venture through, thousands of poinsettias and beautiful Christmas trees, it will be enough to make you say "ahhhhhh"! This begins November 22,2012 to January 6, 2013. There are twenty outdoor and indoor gardens. Below are some images from their Christmas displays.

The above picture is a gingerbread rendering of the Pierce du-pont House at Longwood Gardens. This is one of the oldest buildings at Longwood Gardens which dates back to 1730. This beautiful home is open to the public every day. You can read about the history of the home and see three lovely pictures of this country home  HERE.

The tree above this is the Music Room tree.

Looks like a beautiful place to visit! I know I would really enjoy touring through the Pierce du-pont country home! Enjoy your week!