Decorative Nutcrackers

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Do any of you collect wooden nutcrackers? I have always loved them, but I only have one large one that my mother bought for me years ago when Macy's used to be Kaufman's. I love it and he is dressed in blue. I also have four different smaller ones that can be hung on a tree or put on a shelf, but I like to display them on my shelf along with my tall nutcracker.

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In 1830 the term "Nussknacker" appeared in the dictionary of the Brothers Grimm. The definition was that of a misshaped little man, in whose mouth the nut, by means of a leaver or screw, is cracked open.

Nutcrackers have existed since at least the 15th century. The most famous nutcracker carvings come from Sonneberg in Germany and the Ore Mountains. Wood carving usually provided the only income for people living there. Today the travel industry helps supplement their income by bringing visitors to the remote areas.

The USPS, United States Postal Service, in October 23, 2008, issued four holiday stamps with nutcrackers  for the first time. These featured custom-made nutcrackers made by Richmond, Virginia artist Glenn Crider.

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I remember these! So cute! I love all of the Christmas stamps that have been issued through the years.

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Wishing all of you a Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Recall on Decorative Tea Light Holders

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Christmas Tree Shop Recalls Tea Light Holders

I have an angel tea light holder and one year it actually caught on fire! I heard a crack and immediately went to see where it was coming from and then I saw the flames coming out of the angel holder. I was able to get it under control after a few tries, but I never would have thought that could happen. I no longer use it as a tea light holder, but I do put her out every year just because I love angels. The inside of her  blackened, but I was able to clean it up.

 This is another reason why I like battery operated tea lights and candles. My favorites are Candle Impressions which you can find at QVC : Candle Impressions I have used ones with "C" and "D" batteries and they last a long time before having to change batteries. Timer ones are great!!