10 People to Add to Your Christmas Card List

Friday, August 24, 2012

10 People to Add to Your Christmas Card List

Guest post by Erin Levine

If you've regularly sent Christmas cards for years, you've probably added many names to your address book. For most families, this address book includes distant relatives, former neighbors, and close friends. However, there may be a few important people in your life and your community that you haven't yet added to your list.

1.      Members of the Military
Members of the military who are serving overseas face a lonely Christmas. Although many soldiers receive Christmas cards from their families, others do not. You can brighten a soldier's day by sending them a card that you and your family created. Several organizations and programs, such as Holiday Mail for Heroes, exist just to offer this service for troops who are miles away from home during the holiday season.

2.      Postal Workers
Postal workers give you a valuable service almost every day of the year. Without them, you wouldn't get any Christmas cards at all. You can easily leave your postal worker a Christmas card by placing it with your outgoing mail on your porch or in your mailbox. Just make sure to label the card clearly.

3.      Your Children's Teachers
You can help your children show appreciation for their school teachers by making a handmade card together. Teachers long remember tokens that they receive from their students. Educators appreciate knowing that they've had an impact on their students, and it will teach your children the important quality of gratefulness which will benefit them as they grow older.

4.      The School Principal
Your child's school principal is another educator who deserves special recognition during the holiday season. Although you may not have much regular contact with your child's principal, giving a Christmas card is a friendly gesture that the principal will enjoy.

5.      Your College Professors/High School Teachers
If you can track down any of your own former teachers, consider adding them to your list. You just might make an old teacher's day when he or she finds your Christmas greeting. Be sure to include some updates on the many changes you've experienced since leaving school.

6.      Former Employers
If you're still on friendly terms with your former employers, send them Christmas cards to wish them well. A Christmas greeting is a nice way to update old colleagues about the new changes in your life.

7.      Garbage Workers
Garbage workers provide a necessary function in your community. You can show gratitude for their hard work by giving them a holiday card. To deliver this card, wait until your next garbage day to personally present the card.

8.      Elected Representatives
Many elected representatives want more correspondence from the public, including Christmas cards. You can even use this opportunity to add a polite note mentioning policy issues that are important to you and your family.

9.      Friendly Store & Restaurant Employees
If you have a favorite employee at a grocery store, hair salon, coffee shop or restaurant, consider giving them a Christmas card. These people have likely become your friends and know you well. If you really want to bring them a smile, include a small monetary bonus.

10.  Your Family Doctor
Your family's doctor plays an integral role in your family's health. He or she has likely been there for you when you've faced emergencies. Show your appreciation for your doctor by sending a card created by your children.

When coming up with your list of Christmas card recipients this year, be sure to include these 10 people. After all, they often go underappreciated during the holiday season and a small card can make a big difference to in expressing your thanks for what they do every day of the year.

Erin Levine is a blogger for PaperStyle, an online card and invitation retailer specializing in holiday and wedding products. When she’s not blogging, Erin can usually be found browsing Pinterest or scrapbooking, and she is eagerly awaiting the Christmas season.

I would like to thank Erin for her great guest post! Have a wonderful blessed day!